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Have you ever wondered what mishap we will have to endure, if only there is another species which is much greater and developed than our kind?How would you feel if you are evicted from your home? Could you stand seeing one of your fellows being killed every hour of the day? Try to be empathy with Orang-utans, friends. That’s what they are facing as we speak. Orang-utans are treated as if they don’t deserve to live on this beautiful world we shared.What makes us think we deserved this fine place more than they do?
As a matter of fact, they share 97 percent of the human DNA. Yes, in this blog, we are revealing facts and truths the world needs to know. And in this blog, we are fighting for Orang-utans, trying to serve justice for the extraordinary creature endangered by our own inhuman kind
Your simple act of support can make a difference for them. Come and join us here, together we stand to make the jungle a safer place.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Helpless Baby Orangutans

The Orangutans have the longest childhood dependence on their mother than any other animals because there is so much for them to learn in order to survive. Their mother will teach them on how to make tools to find food, what to use as cutlery to eat, and so much more. The young females stay close to their mother until they reach their teens, unlike the males who prefer to leave and lead a solitary life after they've turned give-and-take 8 years old. The females need to learn from their mother about mothering skills when their mother are attending to their younger siblings.

See, even Orangutans know it is important to be motherly towards their babies. They don't just leave them after they are born, like some people do. But these era of their extinction has forced many Orangutan mothers to be separated from their babies, and that is even before the babies are ready to live on their own.

Where does a baby orangutan sleep? On his mother, of course.

Who does a baby orangutan hold on to? His mother, of course.

Who does a baby orangutan trust? His mother, of course.

Who shares her food with a baby orangutan? His mother, of course.

Where do baby orangutan get their kisses? From their mothers, of course.

Where does all of this come from when the baby orangutan's mother is taken away?


Anonymous said...

this post is the best !

tutttutt said...

if only i can,
i would adopt a baby orangutan.

Nadia said...

Kesian kt baby orangutan yg kesepian tanpa ibunya utk bermanja, kn?T.T