Build them the branches,save their sanctuary

Have you ever wondered what mishap we will have to endure, if only there is another species which is much greater and developed than our kind?How would you feel if you are evicted from your home? Could you stand seeing one of your fellows being killed every hour of the day? Try to be empathy with Orang-utans, friends. That’s what they are facing as we speak. Orang-utans are treated as if they don’t deserve to live on this beautiful world we shared.What makes us think we deserved this fine place more than they do?
As a matter of fact, they share 97 percent of the human DNA. Yes, in this blog, we are revealing facts and truths the world needs to know. And in this blog, we are fighting for Orang-utans, trying to serve justice for the extraordinary creature endangered by our own inhuman kind
Your simple act of support can make a difference for them. Come and join us here, together we stand to make the jungle a safer place.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


meet RANTING; your friends who are trying to build the branches back for the Orang Utans.

schooling at SMK Lembah Keramat, Selangor, these four girls have came to a conclusion that they are meant to participate in this wonderful New Hope for Orang-utan School Programme in order to spread this word to the world, hence more people will acknowledge the real facts of the state of our Orang-Utans nowadays. to us, one alert individual helps in supporting an unfortunate creatures. We're having our PMR trials so we made this blog right after we finished our Trial papers. And within four days, this is the very best we can do. thanks to TV9, WWF and BOH for giving us a chance to show concern and support for Orang-Utans.

RANTING members;
Nurul Amalina : Text & Blog Contents
Nawa Najib : Graphic Designer
Nurhazirah : Activities and Ideas
Nur Zawani : Photographer and Promotion

so, you know, don't be upset,you too can participate in helping to conserve the orang-utans,
and how is that? easy-peasy, just show your support by following our blog and vote in our pols! and don't forget leave any remark such as comments on this blog!
isn't that easy??


Syaza Suraini said...

waaa.. bagos2! how do i support?

RANTING said...

nanti ade la.
huhu. just keep tuning to this blog k?

Amirah Rashid said...

whoaaa, korg join comp. ni? goodluckkk! nnti bgtau je mcm mne nk akak support korg ehh? sbb comp. ni lbih kurg mcm comp. kelip2 yg akak join last year. myb blh tlg cket2 ;)

RANTING said...

ok kak mira!
KALAU ADE kitorg bgtau,
sebab ni pon dah last minute sgt dah.
heee. baru buat malam khamis minggu ni. haih

Muhammad Hillan Tashbir said...

interesting!how do i support?

farah said...

really really amazingg ! how do i support ?

MuaR said...

nice hazirah ,nawa and others .. :D