Build them the branches,save their sanctuary

Have you ever wondered what mishap we will have to endure, if only there is another species which is much greater and developed than our kind?How would you feel if you are evicted from your home? Could you stand seeing one of your fellows being killed every hour of the day? Try to be empathy with Orang-utans, friends. That’s what they are facing as we speak. Orang-utans are treated as if they don’t deserve to live on this beautiful world we shared.What makes us think we deserved this fine place more than they do?
As a matter of fact, they share 97 percent of the human DNA. Yes, in this blog, we are revealing facts and truths the world needs to know. And in this blog, we are fighting for Orang-utans, trying to serve justice for the extraordinary creature endangered by our own inhuman kind
Your simple act of support can make a difference for them. Come and join us here, together we stand to make the jungle a safer place.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Orang Utan fight.


The extinct and endangered lists seem to be growing at an alarming rate. The loss of orang Utans species or other endangered species
affects the complex biodiversity of the planet at large. We've cut down their habitat, hunt them down, making them on the verge of extinction. (Not we, its the developers). Now what, you damned fools?
( Wonder how it feels if we are homeless, that's a slap on the face!)

Did you know that if deforestation continues
at this rate, in a few years these Orang Utans may seem almost legendary at that time.In order to make way for a growing human population and its demands, we have resorted to chopping down trees and building over forests. The results has been devastating in numerous aspects from increasing global warming and greenhouse effects, to loosing natural resources and these poor species habitats, mainly ORANG UTANS.

What you can do?
  • Go paperless! Instead of printing faxing and everything,send emails!After all, we live in a high-technologised country, don't we?).( Remember the movie You've Got mail? =D)
  • Go green! Make use of your green fingers. Pick up gardening and plant trees during your leisure time.
  • Recycle! Separate all paper products and put them in recycling bins. Also, reuse those items. Less paper, Less cutting down the trees!

Who says one person can't make a difference? ;)