Build them the branches,save their sanctuary

Have you ever wondered what mishap we will have to endure, if only there is another species which is much greater and developed than our kind?How would you feel if you are evicted from your home? Could you stand seeing one of your fellows being killed every hour of the day? Try to be empathy with Orang-utans, friends. That’s what they are facing as we speak. Orang-utans are treated as if they don’t deserve to live on this beautiful world we shared.What makes us think we deserved this fine place more than they do?
As a matter of fact, they share 97 percent of the human DNA. Yes, in this blog, we are revealing facts and truths the world needs to know. And in this blog, we are fighting for Orang-utans, trying to serve justice for the extraordinary creature endangered by our own inhuman kind
Your simple act of support can make a difference for them. Come and join us here, together we stand to make the jungle a safer place.

Monday, August 31, 2009

A Big Thank You to EVERYONE(hope for orangutan under tv9)


Thanks to all of you, and make sure you keep on supporting orangutans, whether via the internet, practical means or any other ways. Don't ever stop, and thank you again.

Orangutans thank you, too :)

Thanks to Kamilah & Kak Syarah.

Firstly, thanks to Kamilah who has been a real help by willingly showing her opinion towards the extinction of orangutans.

Thanks to Kak Syarah, she has been a great help in supporting our blog, promoting it, giving awesome ideas and spreading the word about Orangutans which need public's immediate attention.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Birth Of a baby Orang Utan.

Lets imagine this, you're 9 months pregnant and its the due date. You deliver your baby with all the effort that you have. Through the painful process, you pray for the baby to be born healthy and to be able to live the life as everyone does, without no harm, without any threats. Orang Utans too gave birth, people. They too have feeling, as we all do.

Wonderful, Isnt it?

She is not eating the baby. She is cleaning the baby by licking off the remnants of her placenta. In horses, it has been shown that when we take the foal away from the mother, clean it under a shower and bring it back to her then, the young horse will be more likely to contract diseases later in its life. So this licking procedure seems to be quite an important early experience for many mammals. Watching the mother taking care of the baby touched me by the heart. Got those tears rolling down your face? Me, too.

Therefore I plead to you, lets do something and together we can make their lives better.

Credits- storytellermedia@youtube.

Helpless Baby Orangutans

The Orangutans have the longest childhood dependence on their mother than any other animals because there is so much for them to learn in order to survive. Their mother will teach them on how to make tools to find food, what to use as cutlery to eat, and so much more. The young females stay close to their mother until they reach their teens, unlike the males who prefer to leave and lead a solitary life after they've turned give-and-take 8 years old. The females need to learn from their mother about mothering skills when their mother are attending to their younger siblings.

See, even Orangutans know it is important to be motherly towards their babies. They don't just leave them after they are born, like some people do. But these era of their extinction has forced many Orangutan mothers to be separated from their babies, and that is even before the babies are ready to live on their own.

Where does a baby orangutan sleep? On his mother, of course.

Who does a baby orangutan hold on to? His mother, of course.

Who does a baby orangutan trust? His mother, of course.

Who shares her food with a baby orangutan? His mother, of course.

Where do baby orangutan get their kisses? From their mothers, of course.

Where does all of this come from when the baby orangutan's mother is taken away?

A Quick Physical Characteristics

Orangutans have unique adaptations to their life in the treetops:

feet designed much like hands for climbing

flexible hips for holding on in any direction

long arms for reaching and long, strong hands and feet

Unique features of male orangutans compared with females


Large size (adult male in foreground, adult female in background)

Long, thick hair to make them appear even larger

Throat sac, used to vocalize

The Orang Utan fight.


The extinct and endangered lists seem to be growing at an alarming rate. The loss of orang Utans species or other endangered species
affects the complex biodiversity of the planet at large. We've cut down their habitat, hunt them down, making them on the verge of extinction. (Not we, its the developers). Now what, you damned fools?
( Wonder how it feels if we are homeless, that's a slap on the face!)

Did you know that if deforestation continues
at this rate, in a few years these Orang Utans may seem almost legendary at that time.In order to make way for a growing human population and its demands, we have resorted to chopping down trees and building over forests. The results has been devastating in numerous aspects from increasing global warming and greenhouse effects, to loosing natural resources and these poor species habitats, mainly ORANG UTANS.

What you can do?
  • Go paperless! Instead of printing faxing and everything,send emails!After all, we live in a high-technologised country, don't we?).( Remember the movie You've Got mail? =D)
  • Go green! Make use of your green fingers. Pick up gardening and plant trees during your leisure time.
  • Recycle! Separate all paper products and put them in recycling bins. Also, reuse those items. Less paper, Less cutting down the trees!

Who says one person can't make a difference? ;)

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Orang Utan to the rescue!

1. Visiting the Zoo Negara
Aim: To gain extra information involving orangutans from the professionals
: To spread the message to animal lovers at the zoo because they might want to be
involved in helping the orangutans
2. Distributing awareness pamphlets
Aim: To make the public realize about the critical crisis orangutan are in
: To let the public know how they too can help these endangered species
: To promote our blog so that public can learn more about orangutans
3. Handing out surveys
Aim: To test how well do the respondents know about orangutans
: To let respondents measure their own knowledge and awareness

[ALERT FOR THE DISAPPOINTMENT OF YOURS: Amalina wasn't here today, oh and that is me. I thought we were going on another mission after this visit so I waited at my house fully attired, but suddenly the plan somehow was never carried on :'( so that's why my face wasn't in the picture of their activities. ok enough. and we prepared this 'report'. ]

okay, the English was bad, we agree. But hey,let's just focus on what she's trying to say here, :D

Hello peeps. Feeling tired fasting all day long? We were, too, but we went to the zoo negara today! With one mission and hope. None other than for the sake of our beloved endangered species, Orang-Utans. It seemed like Zoo Negara were running out of visitors, eh? Perhaps they were being absorbed with their handphones, doing business, busy at the office with their so called million dollars project. Development project , I guess. One minute counts, one minute can make you money, never mind the one minute of a baby Orang Utan with his mother, fearing that that may be the last moment he's going to see his mother ever again. Can you feel the sadness and sorrow for a baby to lost his mother? To survive on its own?

Here we enclosed some pictures of our trip to the Zoo Negara.

Feeling gay and excited , we started our survey.

Lucky number one

Wanna touch?

He is one of the workers there. He's in charge in collecting donations for the Zoo to build an elephant cage. We were so lucky to meet him! We only asked him to fill in the survey forms. Too good to be true, instead of just filling in the forms , he arranged a meeting for us with the zoo supervisor! A supervisor who expertise in Orang Utans, of course. Thank you, bro!

We met Encik Ishak Bakar. He gave us some info about orang utan and for additional information, we were asked to go to the Zoo educational department. We have to walk, again. Arriving at the yellow-painted building, we climbed up the stairs and met with the person in charged there. We met this lovely sis who guided us. But firstly, we have to run through the procedures for us students to make research there. Normal procedures, nothing much. We filled in the research forms and gave one copy of our survey forms. We were required to send reports for the results of our research. We were glad to!

The aim of our survey was to find out on how aware the public are about Orang Utans. Much to our surprise, Only 25% of them got it right! Little did they know what kind of crisis those cute little creatures were facing. Sad indeed for those who failed to have a love for this poor creatures. But not to forget, thank you for your time and most of all, thank you for supporting us!

Lastly, we distribute some pamphlets to the zoo visitors. Hope it works!

Hope the activities this day could at least change one's perspective of Orang-Utans :)

Lucky Generation

The Orang-Utans below are fortunate enough to be rescued, unlike others who faced grave danger. Lets hope there will be more Orang-Utans which will belong to the safer group, aye?

They are well taken care of, have pillows and even wear diapers!

What was it thinking looking at the kind human who bathed it?

They can play ups and downs all they want, with their friends, and safe from harm.

Difference in 3% of DNA doesn't stop them from mingling, huh?

The best yet; they even have the chance to be the best rider!

Lets do our best to ensure there are more Orang-Utans who can enjoy riding bicycles without commercial purposes :)

Sticking together.

During harsh times like this, it can bring people together. and Orang-Utans, too.

"let me teach you how to shape those cutlery, and it will be easy for you when i'm gone"

"mom, are we safe now?"

"don't bother about the world honey, just hear my lullaby and drift in your dreams"

"don't ever let me go, please?"

"Thank God there's someone who saved us, even though we are in a zoo baby, we still have a place to live in. Don't think too much, keep looking at the visitors, and ignore the ones who jeer at you or mock you, okay?"

Examples of unfortunate Orang-Utans

How do you feel seeing them being chained like this? nothing?
how do you feel YOU being chained?

Kept in the paper bag like this, to rescue or to sell, God knows.

This baby Orang-Utan was found dead in the box, just one of the many Orang-Utans which faced the same fate.

Oh God.

How can YOU help?

Forget about what the government and other people supposed to do, now let’s focus on YOUR SIDE, since you are the one who is reading this. To those who are clueless out there, start taking notes and to those who are fully aware but chose to ignore, we hope you give it a second thought. RANTING wants our readers and supporters to gain useful knowledge regarding ways to save Orang-Utans for their brighter future.

1. Buy certified woods and forestry products.

When it comes to timber shopping, that includes from furniture to even toilet papers, make sure there is a timber certification label. If not, u might be the reason to Orang-Utans’ deaths! It is clearly because the woods may come from illegal logging. The destroying of forests without legal license not only resulted in Orang-Utans’ deaths, but other plants and animals, too! Imagine how much damage you can cause if you buy timber products blindly. Plus, you can also ask the supplier or the seller about the sources of the woods. A curious question can lead to a chain of events, you ask the supplier, the supplier checks, the police investigates and the case is settled.

2. Reading product labels and asking the supermarket.

If you come across any ‘palm’ word while shopping, make sure the product’s company is RSPO certified. RSPO stands for The Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil, an association that promotes the growth and use of sustainable palm oil, which offers 100% guarantee that the palm oil comes from the right sources. If the product is not RSPO certified, you are responsible to talk about the matter to the supermarket.

3. Boycott any product that contains palm oil in their ingredients

This action is much more drastic than the option above, but if you are ready, then we applaud your commitment! It is even better. Boycotting such products keeps money from the palm oil industry, helping to slow its takeover and destruction of rain forests.

The products from palm oil;

* Crisps, margarine, cookies, chips.

* Candies, bread.

* Lipstick, soap, detergent.

* Others.

4. Contact your supermarket about discontinuing the sales of items made with palm oil.

This can be difficult to accomplish, but it's worth a try. Most people unknowingly support the palm oil industry when they buy these products because there are so many of them. Even if you do know about the matter and have tried two options above but failed to say no to the margarine and are torn apart, this is absolutely the answer to your dilemma. Removing the products completely could make a significant impact on the industry.

4. Donate money to organizations.

If you look up on the internet, there are numerous organizations which depend on your generosity to help them save Orang-Utans in many different ways. They are helpful people all over the world, from USA to our very own Malaysia, who formed influential groups with big campaigns and have more say than we RANTING do. They either save Orang-Utans from harm, or offer public to ‘adopt’ one. It’s easy to find them, go donate, now!

5. Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle (3R).

Girls, do not shop too much! You can either buy long-lasting products to reduce consumption, or don’t buy any product that effect our environment at all, but it’s impossible right? Don’t forget to send E-cards instead of paper cards and borrow books from library instead of buying one. The next best choice is reusing stuffs, because it does not need any process. Consider repairing, donating or selling them before you throw them away. And recycle, the easiest mean of conserving and preserving. Stack up your old newspapers and magazines, ketchup bottles and beverage tins and other biodegradable materials to the nearest recycling bin or center.

6. Don't waste electricity.

Turn off electrical items when you are not using them. Unplug your phone or battery charger when you are not using them and don't leave your TV on stand-by mode as this still uses half the amount of energy as when it's switched on. We hope ASTRO takes this as a serious matter.


This may not meet success if most of people are still unaware of how to help and of the consequences if they continue doing the forbidden acts. Wake them up!

Seriously, these ways are not burdening us at all. They may look simple, but if we can unite and practice the simple means together, we can make a big difference. It doesn’t cost you a thing to try, does it? Lend them the branches.

Why do we have to bother saving them?

Let us tell you why.

Orang-utans are said to be our closest relative in the animal world, according to Darwin's infamous theory of Evolution. If you are one of the believers, then there. The perfect reason for you to start being concern about Orang-Utans as they are your left-overs ancestors who haven't go through Evolution yet. But if you don't believe in Darwin's theory, Orang-Utans are still the animal which have the most resemblance to us, speaking of the fact that they own 97% of OUR DNA. start thinking it is only 3% left that differentiate them from our kind. Orang-Utans have unique personalities and they display some of human behaviors. It makes them a whole lot special than other animals if you ask me.

Besides that, Orang-Utans are great apes and the largest arboreal animal there is. Orang -Utans also help to balance the ecosystem they live in, as unlike human, Orang-Utans do eat fruit seeds and will disperse them. This means they help in preserving the forests for their own good. See, God has made all His creatures with a specific function so that their living on this earth will bring some good, but unfortunately Orang-Utans' function has becoming less fruitful, as there are people destroying their natural habitat. Tell us now, do you think God created you so that you can ruin the world?

look at the newborn. did he think he was having his milk?
loving relationship, and they are barely human to feel that.

Did you know that Orang-Utan mothers can only give birth to 3-4 babies in their whole life? Did i mention the fact that a female Orang-Utans can only get pregnant once in 8-10 years? Notice the long time span between births? Orang-Utans are slow-reproducing animals, you wont see them lying everywhere on the streets with new babies like cats. This makes them vulnerable to population loss, and they take decades or even centuries to be replaced! With the factors of their extinction are becoming more frequent and common nowadays, Orang-Utans are facing greater risk of dying as we speak!

Orang-Utans in Borneo

If Orang-Utans disappear, it also means the disappearance of other wildlife as well. Why? Obviously because they share the same destroyed forest as their home. Only the loss of other floras and faunas do not shock us much as maybe there are still lots of them in other forest-which would be destroyed, too, later. And probably because they do not give us many significant meanings like Orang-Utans do. If we keep ignoring this issue, the number of endangered species would increase drastically in a short while, and at that time, there's not much we can do about it. Just like how the extinction of Orang-Utans are already beyond our power now.

Oh and, when all the forests and floras are near to extinction, all of us are the ones who will face serious problems in the end. It will get back to us, friends.

look at those sad faces, tsk tsk.

And its just a common sense for you to think that, they are God's creatures and they own this world fairly as we do. Being violent to an animal brings the same meaning as to being violent to another human. When Orang-Utans are extinct someday, don't dream of seeing their lovely faces again. Orang-Utans are not renewable people, Orang-Utans are not just some rock you can kick at and you can throw in the sea. Once they are gone, they are gone, just like us.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Online Campaign and Promotion

Here is our promotion via the internet. We spread the word to people through famous webs such as Myspace, Blospot, Friendster and others. We also attach the banner to the promotion, with hope it will attract people to visit this blog, and thus exposing them to the facts and truths of Orang-Utans. Now it all depends on the public.






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We have done our part, what about you?